Meet the Branded Heroes!

 Paid memberships and community donations help fund our gym to be able to provide free memberships to Disabled Heroes.  


Phellep Snow , Branded One Crossfit Las Vegas HeroPhellep S.

“My name is Phellep Snow and this is my Branded One CrossFit story. I am a former Marine who now works in readjustment counseling at the Department of Veterans Affairs. I discovered Branded One through its participation in the American Patriot Fest, an annual free event in North Las Vegas that celebrates and thanks to our veterans. Prior to this, I knew very little about CrossFit and was a bit intimidated by what I heard. After talking with Nick about Branded One’s mission and its approach to exercise and wellness for the veteran community, I decided to give it a try. I came in for my first workout in July of 2017, and it immediately reminded me of the camaraderie I was used to seeing while doing PT in the military.

From the moment I arrived, I felt welcomed and encouraged. The environment is always friendly and the coaches are challenging yet understanding. I am very happy with my experience at Branded One and I am proud to be a part of their mission to help Veterans and their family members experience health and happiness.

On behalf of the Branded One community of veterans in Southern Nevada, I want to thank you for your support of the organization, and if you haven’t had the opportunity to get in the gym yet, please do come by and give it a try.
Miguel Tarango branded one Crossfit Las vegas hero

Miguel T.

Staff Sergeant (Ssgt) in the United State Air Force 00-06. Conducted over 75 convoy missions in Operation Iraqi Freedom (OFI 3) followed by 12 years in the casino industry. Currently conquering a Traumatic Brain Injury. 

Simon Neugent Branded One Crossfit Hero, Las Vegas NV

Simon N.

Active duty Air Force for 6 years, but currently in the Air National Guard since 2015 – TSgt/E-6
Elizabeth Hartman Branded hero in Las Vegas

Elizabeth H.

“I was active duty Air Force for 4.5 years, and I’ve been in the Air National Guard for 5 years. I am an E-5/ Staff Sergeant. OIF/OEF veteran. Branded One CrossFit has helped to put structure back into my life. I am finding myself looking forward to going to the gym bright and early in the morning when it used to be hard to get out of bed. I really enjoy the sense of community and friendly competition that this gym provides. I had ACL reconstructive surgery in 2016, and getting back into the gym and gaining strength seemed impossible on my own. I never thought that CrossFit would be for me, but I am finally confident in heavy lifting again. I highly recommend Branded One to anyone, it’s made such an amazing impact in my life.”

Deidre Davis Crossfit Gym Member Hero in Las Vegas

Deidre “Mama Dee” D.

U.S. Navy Seabee Mechanic and Master-At-Arms

Originally from Chicago (GO BEARS!!) and currently living in Vegas (GO KNIGHTS!!). Served 23 yrs and retired as an E6. Struggling with PTSD and LIFE, while sedentary and depressed for 6 years. Started walking on my own, then started Paleo Plan and now Crossfit. Stopped taking prescribed pills for my mind and body, and discovered medical marijuana does the job just fine, if not better. Still suffer with fibromyalgia but I push through my Crossfit workouts anyway. This is my first time doing Crossfit, except for the small taste of it in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Oh yeah, I turn 54 yrs older in December 2018, so age is no factor with getting started again. The trainers will always find another way to do a workout or get the exercise in, if you’re injured. And after 23 yrs of Navy pushups, I finally learned the correct way to do them (and so much more) at Branded One!!




P.J. J.

"In 2003, after a divorce and an extremely rash decision to move to Las Vegas(to be a magician of all things), P.J. joined the Nevada Army National Guard to provide some motivation and direction to his life. Now, 15 years later his life has most definitely been a journey that most of his friends could not have predicted. 

Called to duty several times, P.J. has held several different positions in the Army ranging from a Tanker, scout, and most recently as a Mortuary Affairs Specialist. He has spent time in Afghanistan and in Egypt is support of various operations. 

Back home, he did actually perform as a magician for a while, worked as a Pit Boss,  and is now a member of a law enforcement agency in the Las Vegas Area, while still serving in the National Guard.   P.J is involved in the veteran community as  the current Chapter Executive Officer of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association Chapter 41-1, whose tag line is, “Vets Helping Vets.” He is also the father of two, one who recently graduated from the University of Nebraska, and a second who will be attending University of Oregon in the fall. 

For the past several years he has suffered from the typical issues that face many veterans after service. Sleep issues, readjustment problems, and recurring injuries have kept P.J from staying motivated when it comes to his fitness. A recent surgery on his feet have allowed him to start running again, but he is now looking for a new challenge. CrossFit is seeming to fit the bill, but he refuses to talk about it…"


Chuck K.

“My name is Chuck Kolpack and I am a disabled Marine Corps veteran. I served on active duty from Sep 2000-Oct 2008 and I am an OIF/OEF veteran. After leaving the Corps, I have struggled to maintain a healthy weight and to find a place where I felt like I belonged. I first heard of Branded One CrossFit from Coach Jeremy, whom I work with. After many months of him giving me a hard time, I finally showed up for a Saturday workout. All it took was one workout and I was hooked. It is funny to think about because I never would have pictured myself as a CrossFitter, but the sense of camaraderie at Branded One made me feel at home. So while I may still consider myself a powerlifter who happens to workout at a CrossFit gym, I highly encourage anyone who is looking for acceptance while getting in killer shape to give Branded One a try.”

Kimberly K.

Having spent 2 years in CrossFit, it’s safe to say I will never find myself back in a traditional gym ever again. Through out the years in the Navy I meet so many people entering the service longing to feel apart of something. The CrossFit community is a great example
of that sense of family and
belonging. While you might see members leaving the service with no physical aliments, an internal struggle sometimes still exists. Having experienced the responsibility of flying out to ships to pick up sailors who have taken their own life, nothing more is disheartening then when you see people struggle. The way that every CrossFit gym welcomes people with open arms gives me more hope then ever.

Jason K.
As a 12 year veteran I have seen a variety of different styles of physical training. Being judged on how well I performed was the standard that produced results that effected me professionally and personally. Being apart of crossfit has not only opened doors professionally and personally, it has promoted an atmosphere of motivation and encouragement. You have the opportunity to enhance your physical abilities and stay accountable, as well as encourage others to better themselves. This very atmosphere is in-boded at Branded One CrossFit. If you are looking for a place to grow and be apart of a great family, this is the place.  

Monica L.
Dannia R. 
Jody R.
Tammra M.
Cole G.
Andrea A.
Brad O. 
Chris K.
Christian R.
James V.
Jon C.
Joseph S.
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Devar J.
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