Help Out

Numerous studies have proven that those with combat injuries or mental disorders, such as PTSD, recover better and have fuller lives when they are surrounded by a supportive community and engage in physical activity because of the effects on the brain and body. The benefits of Branded One CrossFit for those in need generally occur immediately. So why Branded One and not any other gym or facility? Branded One’s unique community and support for our disabled heroes cannot be found at any other facility or gym.


Other Ways to Help:

  • Become a member - Inquire here

  • Become a sponsor

  • Become a partner – co-run events

  • Volunteer

    • Coach (a specialty class or a CrossFit class)
    • Clean (help keep the gym in its prime condition)
    • Office Staff (help with signing in/up members and answering phones)
    • Event Staff (help coordinate and run events)
    • Community Outreach (educate the community about our cause)
    • Physical Therapists