3 Las Vegas Healthy Breakfast Restaurants For Hangovers

Sometimes what happens in Vegas is a little too much. We've all had one of those nights...
Sam Murphy
November 4, 2022
3 Las Vegas Healthy Breakfast Restaurants For Hangovers

Sometimes what happens in Vegas is a little too much. We've all had one of those nights...

You had a little too much fun last night and now you're paying for it. Your head is pounding, your stomach is queasy, and all you want is something to make it all go away.

The good news is that Las Vegas has no shortage of amazing places to get a hangover breakfast.

So before you reach for the greasiest, most unhealthy breakfast you can find, consider one of these healthier options. They might not be able to cure your hangover completely, but they'll help you feel better and start your day on the right foot.

In this Las Vegas Local Guide post, we'll give you a rundown of some of the best healthy hangover breakfast options in Sin City.

Pressed Juicery has a whole range of easy to go options

Pressed Juicery

Town Square, Las Vegas
6671 Las Vegas Blvd #A-124, Las Vegas, NV


If you're looking for a delicious and healthy hangover breakfast in Las Vegas, look no further than Pressed Juicery. Pressed Juicery specializes in fresh-pressed juices and smoothies made from organic fruits and vegetables. They also have a great selection of acai bowls, oatmeal, and avocado toast. Trust us, their green juice will cure what ails you.

Their acai bowls and power smoothies are especially clean ways to kick start your morning after without all the grease and fatty meats!

The Egg & I

4533 W. Sahara Ave Las Vegas, NV, 89102

Established in 1988 as The Egg & I, and expanded into its sister restaurants called the EggWorks in 2005, EggWorks is now a flagship breakfast joint in the Las Vegas area.

Eggworks and The Egg & I have Healthy Options that you can substitute or change any menu item into - which is a good thing because their menu consists of almost 6 pages of Egg-centric dishes.

If you're a glutton for punishment, Egg & I has a full bar and is known for it's bloody mary's as well.

Substitute out your hash browns and toast for a plate of tomatoes and cottage cheese, and you can enjoy a very healthy and hangover busting breakfast at any one of their multiple convenient Las Vegas locations!

Toast Society has a few locations around Las Vegas

Toast Society Cafe

10960 S Eastern Ave ste 103, Henderson, NV 89052

Looking for a delicious and unique breakfast in Henderson, Nevada? Look no further than The Toast Society. This cafe specializes in, you guessed it, toast! But not just any toast - this is gourmet toast with a variety of toppings to suit any taste.

The Toast Society has something for everyone. They have both sweet and savory toasts, and you can add toppings to them as you like. Pair your toast with an espresso or coffee drink, and you're in for a great morning. The "House Favorite" is the best seller - but don't forget to check out The Greek, The Lox or the Breakfast Crunch if you're into something sweeter.

They round out their menu with Chia puddings and acai bowl options that are also great early morning hangover cures.

No one likes being hungover. But if you find yourself in that unfortunate situation in Las Vegas, there's no need to despair. There are plenty of great restaurants that serve up delicious healthy hangover breakfasts that will help you feel better in no time. So next time you're nursing a hangover, skip the greasy diner food and head to one of these places instead. Trust us, your body will thank you for it later.

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