Elizabeth Higgins – Disabled Air Force Combat Veteran

“When I left the Air Force 10 years ago I quickly started losing my drive to stay physically fit. I missed the fun of group physical training. For me, Branded One Crossfit was the answer. I have great support and fun working out with a group of people who are devoted to helping disabled Veterans get healthy. Not only has my physical health improved since I’ve been training, but also my mental health. I’m incredibly thankful to be connected with this organization.”



Gary Bartusch – Disabled Army Veteran, lover of dogs, and friendly banter.




Leah Elmquist – US Navy Veteran – Builder Petty Officer First Class

“I’d been a runner since high school, and I became faster and stronger during my ten years in the Navy; then a traumatic brain injury changed my life and ended my career. I didn’t think CrossFit was going to be for me, but the trainers are very personable and scale every workout to individuals’ abilities. Branded One has definitely improved my strength and endurance, and I enjoy pushing myself to the limits again. Motivation and the determination to complete any task, feelings I had while on active duty, are welcomed strangers back into my routine; and everyone who works out at Branded One supports one another completely.”

William Oettinger – Meet Bill, retired LVMPD Detective (93’-14’), retired Gunnery Sgt for the United States Marine Corps (1984-1993)(2002-2015) Desert Storm Veteran, and currently an Investigator for the law firm Bilecki and Tipon LLLC and Adjunct Professor for the University of Maryland. If that wasn’t impressive enough, you should see him lift!

Bill, thank you for your service. We also appreciate your dedication to hard work and trying new things. You are fun to be around and we are lucky to have you as part of our Branded One Family.


Lee Stonesifer – Disabled Marine Corps Veteran

 “Being physically fit my whole life then struggling to exercise and keep weight off my military disabilities. At first, I was intimidated that I wouldn’t be able perform the crossfit exercises. It has been the exact opposite. The Branded One Crossfit team is knowledgeable, very supportive and adept at adjusting the workout to my skill level. Not to mention, they are a great group of people supporting veterans and fun to workout with. Thank you Branded One team for all your do for disabled veterans and first responders. People of all skill levels would benefit joining the Branded One team!”
Miguel Tarango – Staff Sergeant (Ssgt) in the United State Air Force 00-06. Conducted over 75 convoy missions in Operation Iraqi Freedom (OFI 3) followed by 12 years in the casino industry. Currently conquering a Traumatic Brain Injury.  
Simon Neugent – Active duty Air Force for 6 years, but currently in the Air National Guard since 2015 – TSgt/E-6

Elizabeth Hartman – “I was active duty Air Force for 4.5 years, and I’ve been in the Air National Guard for 5 years. I am an E-5/ Staff Sergeant. OIF/OEF veteran.

Branded One CrossFit has helped to put structure back into my life. I am finding myself looking forward to going to the gym bright and early in the morning, when it used to be hard to get out of bed. I really enjoy the sense of community and friendly competition that this gym provides. I had ACL reconstructive surgery in 2016, and getting back into the gym and gaining strength seemed impossible on my own. I never thought that CrossFit would be for me, but I am finally confident in heavy lifting again. I highly recommend Branded One to anyone, it’s made such an amazing impact in my life.”
Bradley Engebretson – Disabled Marine Corps Veteran; Corporal- Persian Gulf War Veteran; 1986-1993. Law Enforcement Officer Deputy//Deputized US Marshall; Corrections 1994-2013;Currently Nevada State LVER, Nevada DETR; Retired SAAA Scottish Heavy Athletics Competitor, best finish ranked 3rd nationally in Masters 40-49. Amateur Boxing Coach. “We have 4 grown children(2 OIF/OND Veterans and our youngest daughter ships to Parris Island in February 2018) and three chihuahuas, I drink occasionally and know things.”

Breanne Blain – 

Monica Lopez – 

Dannia Roman – 

Ivan Navarro – United States Air Force Veteran

Oscar Smith – Disabled Army Veteran

Richard Parks