• One Nevada Veteran commits suicide every three days due to a variety of factors, including lack of support and PTSD.*
  • One out of every three police officers (retired and active) suffer from post-traumatic stress, which leads to suicide being the number one cause of death of police officers.**
  • Due to PTSD, a firefighter is three times more likely to commit suicide than to die on the job.***
  • Those with PTSD and other disabilities recover better and have fuller lives when they are surrounded by a supportive community and engage in physical activity.****

Join us on Veterans Day as we host the

“WOD for Warriors” with Team RWB

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Branded One CrossFit – CrossFit

Double KB Press

10 Rounds Max Reps

30 on 30 off

Record lowest rounds

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

15 Min AMRAP

Row 250m

15 double KB clean and jerk (35/25)

Farmers/ Waiters Carry x2

(Farmers/ Waiter carry is one hand of each, switch hands after 1 lap)


How Are We Helping?

We give free CrossFit memberships to disabled servicemen and women (police, fire, military) and donate to other non-profits that share our mission. There are over 14,000 disabled servicemen and women in the Las Vegas area that could benefit from our organization.┬áThe benefits of Branded One CrossFit for those in need generally occur immediately. So why Branded One and not any other gym or facility? Branded One’s unique community and support for our disabled heroes cannot be found at any other facility or gym.


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